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      Procut Unit
      Speed “and” Accuracy ?…. ProCut Technology says Yes !
      October 14, 2017
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      True 5 Axis CNC

      Haas UMC-750 5-Axis

      Share Machine is pleased to announce that we have added to our CNC Machining capabilities the new Haas UMC-750

      Complex parts are perfect for the UMC-750. With its generous travels and 5-axis capabilities, you’ll easily reduce setups and part handling, while increasing feature-to-feature accuracy.

      Our new equipment addition provides for:

      • 40 TAPER
      • 5 AXIS
      • 8.1k RPM
      • 40+1 TOOL CAPACITY

      5-axis machining is an effective means to reduce setups and increase accuracy for multi-sided and complex parts. The Haas UMC Series universal machining centers are cost-effective solutions for 3+2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining.?The UMC-750 has an integrated dual-axis trunnion table with a 500 mm diameter platter that features standard T-slots and a precision pilot bore for fixturing versatility. The trunnion provides +110 and -35 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation to provide excellent tool clearance and large part capacity.

      • 5-axis simultaneous machining
      • Powerful inline direct-drive spindle
      • Large capacity side-mount tool changer
      • Includes Wireless Intuitive Probing System
      • Made in the USA